Lady Jays - 7g CBG Flower

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Strain: Ladies Orange Peels

Farm: Marshall Farming


At, Lady Jays, we believe in two things: the power of hemp and the power of "her". Join us in our journey to exhale chaos and inhale calm 


Fly High Baby The World Is Yours 


We partnered with Marshall Farming, who is defining sustainable hemp farming, utilizing regenerative organic methods and practicing ethical business. Hand Planted. Hand Harvested. Hand Trimmed. Hand Packed.  


Growing a Healthier World 


Align with your cosmic brilliance through the sweet citrus experience of Ladies Orange Peels. 


CBG  - The "Bliss" Cannabinoid  - Expand your consciousness

- Birth Mother oof all cannabis and hemp cannabinoids 

- Ultra Compliant: THC for Flower is always under 0.3%