CBG - 10 Pack Carton - Ladies Orange Peel

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Strain: "Ladies Orange Peels" Premium CBG Flower

Farm: Marshall Farming

10 packs of 10 half gram pre-rolls for wholesalers

We partnered with Marshall Farming, who is redefining sustainable farming standards, building the marketplace and delivering trust with quality products. They have worked for decades to protect and restore the local Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion of southern Oregon. Through a collaborative process with local agencies, the USDA Soil Conservation District, Freshwater Trust, and ecologists, Marshall Farming is writing the new healthy standard for farming hemp in order to best serve our collective future.

The CBG flower used in these Lady Jays packs is grown using Oregon CBD genetics, creating a high quality product uncomparable to other CBG flower on the market. The "Ladies Orange Peel" name was created by Ladies of Paradise (see what we did there?!) because of its strong scent of citrusy orange peels.

CBG  - The "Bliss" Cannabinoid  - Expand your consciousness

- Birth Mother of all cannabis and hemp cannabinoids 

- Ultra Compliant: THC for Flower is always under 0.3%


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At Lady Jays, we believe in two things: the power of hemp and the power of "her". Join us in our journey to exhale chaos and inhale calm 


Fly High Baby, The World Is Yours!